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What is a dental handpiece and its usage?

If you don’t enter into dental industry, you won’t know what a dental handpiece is? Normally, we call it “Shouji”, everybody knows it’s a cell phone or mobile phone, which one we use in daily life. However, the dental handpiece is the same name as the cell phone in Chinese and only professionals can use it. Let’s see what is a dental handpiece and its classification, etc…

Dental handpieces are also called oral handpieces, it’s a medical device dedicated to dentistry. It can be used to clean teeth and grind rotten teeth & dental caries. There are many types of products. According to speed and structure, it can be divided into high speed handpiece and low speed handpiece.

A dental handpiece is a dental drill, which is divided into high speed and low speed. The high speed is used to drill holes and extract teeth. Used for polishing at low speed. The principle is to connect to the dental chair and then it can be through air to drive the movement to drive the bur to rotate for working. It is one of the common tools used in dental equipment. And it’s also one of the essential parts in the dentistry. High speed handpiece will need to be replaced in 3 months. Low speed can be used for half a year to a year (depending on the number of patients and frequency of use).

High speed handpiece

Low speed handpiece kit

According to different classification methods, high speed handpiece can be divided into the following different categories:

  • According to the connection method with the connecting pipe, it can be divided into the one with quick coupling and the one without quick coupling.

Quick Coupling (Compatible with Kavo coupling)

Without quick coupling

  • According to the type of the connecting pipe, it can be divided into two holes4; three holes (unusual); four holes and six holes dental handpieces.

2 holes

4 holes

6 holes

  • According to the handpiece’s exhaust mode, it can be divided into internal exhaust (four holes and six holes) and external exhaust (two holes) dental handpiece.

2 holes

4 holes

6 holes

  • According to the diameter of the handpiece’s head, it can be divided into torque head diameter is about φ12.2mm; standard head diameter is approximate φ11.2mm; mini head diameter is around φ10.2mm. Due to the different size of the head, the power of the mobile phone is also different, and the purpose is also slightly different.

Standard quick handpiece GS-QS Z800KL

Torque quick handpiece GS-QS Z900KL

Torque head handpiece

Standard head handpiece

Mini head handpiece

  • According to the installation and removal methods of burs, it can be divided into two types: push button and wrench.

push button


Dental handpieces are divided into ordinary dental handpieces and disposable dental handpieces. Among them, an elevated dental handpiece solves the problem of high cost of disinfection and maintenance of the oral clinical treatment. And it truly meets the requirements of the health department. A machine, which improves the credibility of dental clinics.

During dentist helps the dental diagnosis and treatment of oral patients, the surface and internal turbine components and pipes of the dental handpiece may be in various degrees of contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms after using. In the dental treatment, mucous membranes and skin are damaged generally, and it will be often caused blood and infection. STDs are transmitted through contact with the wounds via dental high-speed turbines that which are not strictly sterilized.

The dental high speed turbine handpiece has high precision of manufacturing and extremely complex structure. There are complicated cavities and inaccessible pipes in the turbine cavity accessories and so on, such as water & air pipes in the dental handpiece. It’s very difficult to access the pipeline. When the dental handpiece is stopped, these special structures will be caused the suction process. It’s very easy to contaminate and difficult to disinfect thoroughly.

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