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Outdoor FTTX Preconnectorized Solution

  • FastConnect Cable Assembly

AnetFiber Mini SC APC Patchcord Waterproof IPSC (Mini-SC) Patch Cords is a small high waterproof SC single core waterproof connector. Built-in SC connector core, to better reduce the size of the waterproof connector.

  • OptiTap Cable Assembly

AnetFiber YFOTP820 precon flat drop cable compatible Corning device is a small high waterproof SC single core waterproof connector. Built-in SC connector core, to better reduce the size of the waterproof connector.

  • SLIM Cable Assembly

This kind of cable is made of special plastic shell IP68 (which is resistant to high and low temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-UV) and auxiliary waterproof rubber pad. Cable Diameter can be 3.0/2.0*3.0/2.0*5.0/5.0/4.0*7.0mm many different sizes.

  • FTTX PRECON FastConnect CTO Distribution Terminal Box
  • This FAT distribution box for outdoor application, it designed for connected with 3 different waterproof adapters, which are Corning OptiTap or Huawei FastConnect Mini SC/APC and Furukawa Slim solution. Fiber access terminal box (FAT) also named as optical termination box (OTB), is a compact fiber management box used for FTTH application. Fiber termination box (FTB) is widely used in FTTx cabling for both fiber cabling and cable management.
  • FTTX PRECON OptiTap CTO Distribution Terminal Box

1) High compatibility support harden adapter of OptiTap, Slim and FastConnect; 2) Strong enough: working under 1000N pulling force long term; 3) Installation on Wall/Pole/Aerial mounted, underground;4) Available with PLC fiber divide; 5) Decreased angle surface and height make sure no connector interfering when operating; 6) Cost effective: save 40% operating time and less manpower.

  • FTTX 3 in 1 SLIM Field Assembly Optical Connector

Save time and money with our Precon Terminal System, a pre-engineered factory-terminated network access point integrated into fiber optic distribution cables. Designed for FTTH networks, the factory-tested and factory-sealed system deploys up to 50% faster than traditional deployment methods by eliminating costly field splices.

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